Carrots for Sale

Carrots for Sale measures 9 1/2" tall. The bunny is made from painted and aged osnaburg. He features bead eyes, a vintage button nose, and whiskers. He sports a straw hat with a lucky little wooden ladybug sitting on its brim. I sewed three vintage buttons to his belly ... and tied vintage seam binding ribbon into a bow around his neck. A carrot is tucked into his stitched on wool pocket. The sculpted carrot is made from painted and aged osnaburg and green raffia. An aged 25-cent tag is tied to the carrot. The bunny holds a garden spade in his paw! 

Chick & Fila

Fila is made from aged osnaburg, she measures 22" tall. The bunny features lidded eyes, a stitched nose, and whiskers. She's dressed in a blue and white homespun dress. The dress is embellished with a vintage embroidered trim and an old blue button. Tucked in her pocket is her sweet mohair chick! Underneath her frock, Fila sports muslin pantaloons. Her straw hat is embellished with vintage ribbons and a tiny wooden bird ornament.

Have a Heart

Have a heart!
Made from aged osnaburg, this sweet raggedy measures 22" tall. She features button eyes, a stitched nose, and a stitched smile. Her homespun frock is embellished with a vintage buttons and rick-rack trim. Underneath her dress, she sports muslin pantaloons. 
She will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a couple of carved wooden hearts.