Made from painted and aged osnaburg. Katrina measures 8.75" to the tip of her polka dotted party hat. She features black bead eyes, a vintage button nose, and whiskers. Katrina's orange and black paper party hat is trimmed with black tinsel. I tied vintage black and orange seam binding ribbon around her neck ... and sewed a vintage button to her chest. Katrina holds a glittered black star wand and a fabric garland which reads:
Oct. 31.

Strawberry Picking

Tillie has been picking strawberries with plans to make strawberry jam! Made from aged osnaburg, she measures 22" tall. Tillie features a sculpted nose, lidded eyes and a painted mouth. Her homespun frock is embellished with a vintage button and rick~rack. Tillie's straw hat is trimmed with vintage seam binding ribbon and an old button! Underneath her dress, she sports muslin pantaloons. 
Tillie will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a wire basket filled with 6 strawberries. Made from over-dyed osnaburg, the strawberries have been aged for timeworn appeal.

Dee Waltham

Made from sugared osnaburg, Dee Waltham measures 8" tall. The snowman features a sculpted clay carrot nose and black eyes. I sewed a couple of black buttons to his belly ... and tied black seam binding ribbon around his neck. Dee sports a black paper maché top hat. The hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is embellished with a vintage scrap label. I tucked Dee ~ along with an antique metal ice cream spoon ~ in a vintage waxed ice cream cup container. 


Eek is made from painted and aged osnaburg. This silly jack-o'-lantern pumpkin guy measures 10.5" tall. Eek features bead eyes, a vintage button nose, and a faux pumpkin stem. His smile is fashioned from vintage zipper teeth.  I sewed 3 jack-o'-lantern buttons to his belly. Eek sports a black crepe paper ruff. He holds a glittered black star wand and a garland which spells: