Allow me to introduce Corallie. Made from aged osnaburg, the witch features lidded eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. She measures 26" from the tip of her witch hat to the soles of her black flats. Corallie's frock features a candy corn motif. The dress is trimmed with vintage orange rick-rack ... and embellished with a vintage orange button. Her black and orange polka-dotted pantaloons are also trimmed with orange rick-rack. Her painted-on shoes feature tiny orange bows and black beads. Corallie's scrunchy black hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is trimmed with vintage seam binding ribbon, black twill tape, and black netting along with a vintage rhinestone black button. The aged muslin button attached to Corallie's bodice reads:
Trick or Treat?
Smell my feet!
The button is embellished with wool felt and assorted trim. Corallie will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a basket of Halloween treats! The basket holds 3 paper treat bags filled with candy corn. The candy corn have been sculpted from paper maché.