Kit & Kat

Allow me to introduce Kit and Kat! Made from aged osnaburg, the witch features lidded eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. She measures 27" from the tip of her witch hat to the soles of her slippers. Kit's black homespun frock is embellished with a couple of vintage black covered buttons and old lace. Underneath, she sports muslin pantaloons. Her scrunchy black hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is trimmed with grubby cotton ribbing and a vintage buckle. Kit's painted black slippers are trimmed with lacework circles. The badge sewn to her bodice is fashioned from a vintage Halloween cat image on a glittered background. It is embellished with ribbon and tinsel. Kat is made from painted and aged osnaburg. She features lidded eyes, a muzzle, and whiskers. I tied vintage seam binding ribbon around her neck. Her polka-dotted party hat is trimmed with tinsel.
Kat is tucked in a vintage copper cauldron.


Chilly measures 6.5" tall. Made from sugared osnaburg, he features a sculpted paper mache carrot nose and bead eyes. His red hat is trimmed with cotton ribbing and a sparkly pom-pom. I sewed a vintage knitted button to his chest. His scarf is fashioned from wired tinsel. The aged muslin tag pinned to Chilly's chest with a rusty safety pin reads:
Snow Balls
The snowman will arrive at your home~sweet~ home with a small galvanized tub filled with 13 snow balls!

Turning over a new leaf...

Tildy the Scarecrow measures 21" tall. Made from aged osnaburg, she features lidded button eyes, a felted wool nose, and a stitched smile. Her straw hat is trimmed with a vintage posey and seam binding ribbon. Tildy's dress is embellished with a vintage clay crow button and rick~rack. The scarecrow will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a pile of leaves and a small basket. The leaves may be displayed as you please!


Harold is made from painted and aged osnaburg. He's my last Jack-'o-Lantern pumpkin guy in this series, measuring 9" tall. Harold features lidded eyes, a vintage button nose, and a real pumpkin stem. His smile is fashioned from vintage zipper teeth.  I sewed four vintage shank buttons to his belly. Harold sports a ruff fashioned from vintage silk swatches! A bottle brush tree is tucked in one of his hands ... and a tiny black bat dangles from the other.