Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa measures 9" tall. Made from aged osnaburg, Santa features bead eyes and a curly wool beard. I sewed 5 black buttons down his belly ... and attached a wool felt ball to the tip of his hat which is trimmed with cotton batting. The aged muslin tag attached to his chest with a rusty safety pin reads:
Santa has a gingerbread man tucked under one arm. He will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a cup of cocoa and another gingerbread man {which can be displayed as you please}! The cup of cocoa ~ fashioned from painted clay ~ is served in a vintage red and white enamelware cup and saucer. 


Sweet Nutmeg measures 21". Made from aged osnaburg, she features lidded eyes and a stitched smile. Nutmeg wears a brown velvet dress which is embellished with a vintage button. Her muslin pantaloons are trimmed with lace. Her headband is fashioned from vintage rick-rack and ribbon. Nutmeg will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a cookie cutter, a ginger spice tin, a vintage wooden rolling pin, and a basket ... tucked inside, you'll find 3 gingerbread men and a set of vintage measuring spoons!

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter measures 12" tall. Made from sugared osnaburg, he features a sculpted clay carrot nose, bead eyes, and a stitched smile. His black paper mache top hat has been aged for timeworn appeal. I tucked a vintage ticket stub in his red cotton ribbing hat band. Old Man winter is mounted on a vintage enamel funnel. I sewed 8 black buttons down his belly ... and tied red and black seam binding ribbon around his neck. He holds a muslin and baker's twine banner which reads:

D. Lightful

Meet D. Lightful. { His friends just call him Dee. } Made from sugared osnaburg, Dee measures 7" tall. The snowman features a sculpted clay carrot nose and black bead eyes. I sewed 4 black buttons to his belly. Dee sports a red scarf and a black paper mache top hat. The hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is embellished with vintage red cotton trim and a pom pom. An antique metal ice cream spoon is tucked under Dee's arm. He can be displayed in or out of his vintage waxed ice cream cup container!