Olivia is made from aged osnaburg. She features lidded eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. Her witchy green frock is embellished with a vintage rhinestone button. Underneath, she sports lace-trimmed muslin pantaloons. Olivia's paper mache black hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is trimmed with vintage seam binding ribbon and an old rhinestone brooch. Olivia wears 3 necklaces with tiny green glass bottle charms. Each little bottle features a cork top. Her painted-on flats feature seam binding bows. Olivia will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a potion bottle  { fashioned from an old perfume bottle }.


Meet Primula. This pumpkin head gal measures nearly 23" tall to the top of her genuine, honest-to-goodness pumpkin stem! Primula features a stitched on wool nose and lidded eyes. Her burnt orange homespun frock is embellished with a vintage Bakelite button and rick~rack. She wears an antique green leaf brooch. I tucked a vintage toy aluminum fork and knife in her pocket. The aged muslin tag pinned to Primula's pocket reads:
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!
Primula sports lace-trimmed muslin pantaloons. She will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a pumpkin pie in a small vintage pie tin. The pumpkin is made from painted and aged osnaburg with a real pumpkin stem!

Hannah & Gretel

What's Halloween without treats? Hannah and Gretel have a basket full! Made from aged osnaburg, the witch duo feature lidded eyes, sculpted noses, and painted lips.  Hannah's black frock features orange polka dots and vintage orange rick~rack trim. Gretel's orange dress is embellished with a vintage black button and rick~rack trim, too. Both witches sport scrunchy black hats that have been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. The hats are trimmed with ribbon and black netting. Hannah's slippers are embellished with orange ribbon and tiny buttons ... Gretel's slippers are embellished with tiny buttons, too. Both witches are wearing muslin pantaloons (Hannah's are trimmed with vintage tatted lace). Hannah and Gretel will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a basket full of candy corn. The nine pieces of candy corn have been painted and aged. I tied vintage seam binding ribbon around the handle of the basket ... and tucked a little plush black kitty in it,too. The aged muslin tag attached to the basket reads:
Trick or treat?

Snowballs for Sale

This frosty entrepreneur is selling snowballs! The sugared snowman measures approximately 9" tall. He features a sculpted clay carrot nose and black bead eyes. His painted on blue cap is trimmed with ribbing and a  pom~pom ... and his scarf is fashioned from turquoise blue fleece. I tucked a vintage toy metal shovel under one arm ... and put a snowball under the other! The snowman is embellished with a vintage blue button. He will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a couple of extra snowballs. If I were you, I wouldn't turn my back on him! ; ) It looks as if he's ready for a snowball fight!

Steampunk Stu

Meet Steampunk Stu. Made from painted and aged osnaburg, this Jack-'o-Lantern pumpkin guy measures 10" tall. Stu is embellished with lots of vintage tidbits. His black top hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is embellished with a vintage zipper. Stu's monocle is an old metal gear part. His nose is a rusty washer topped with a vintage button. His smile is fashioned from vintage zipper teeth.  I sewed 3 old buttons down Stu's belly ... and attached a metal pocket watch ~ complete with chain ~ to one of the buttons. Stu's walking stick is a vintage wooden handled tool.