Punkin' loves pumpkin pie! The scarecrow measures 21" tall. Made from aged osnaburg, she features lidded button eyes, a wool nose, and a stitched smile. Punkin's homespun dress is embellished with a vintage button, suspenders, and a little pocket. Tucked in the pocket you'll find a vintage toy fork and knife ... Punkin' is always prepared to eat a slice of pie! Underneath her dress, she sports green pantaloons. Punkin's painted on brown Mary Jane's are embellished with vintage buttons ... and her painted on socks are trimmed with vintage lace. Punkin's straw hat is adorned with an aged orange flower mum and vintage seam binding ribbons. She will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a couple of her freshly baked faux pumpkin pies in vintage small tins!