Sip For a Spell

Sip for a Spell
Suri is offering free sips of her newest magic potion! She measures 24" to the tip of her paper mache witch hat. Suri's black velvet frock is embellished with vintage lace and a black velvet covered button. Her painted on slippers are embellished with tiny buckles and black ribbon. Underneath, she sports lace-trimmed pantaloons. Suri's hat is trimmed with black lace and a vintage rhinestone brooch. She holds an old aluminum toy cup in one hand. I tucked a few "Free Drink" tickets in her pocket { they are not permanently attached and may be removed, should you please }. Suri will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a bottle of her magic potion! The vintage bottle features an aged label, vintage seam binding ribbon, and an antique skeleton key.