Reading, Writing + Arithmetic

Annie is happy to be back at school! Made from aged muslin, this 2nd~grader is 27" BIG! Her red and white polka-dotted dress is embellished with white rick rack, vintage buttons, and a little pocket. Underneath, she sports muslin pantaloons. I tied a vintage white ribbon bow in her hair. Annie will arrive at your home~sweet~home with her very own school supplies including an antique Webster's Dictionary, a stack of vintage division flash cards tied up with a cord, and a paper maché apple { for her teacher, of course! } I pinned a vintage enameled Palmer Method award pin to her bodice. The pin reads: FOR PROGRESS IN WRITING. Annie's show-'n-tell ~ a little wooden blue man and his red dog ~ is tucked in her pocket!

Mollie & McCreery

Meet Mollie and her Scotty dog, McCreery!
Mollie measures approximately 21" ... from the top of her straw hat to the soles of her painted-on black flats. Mollie's black and white polka-dotted dress is embellished with a couple of vintage Scotty dog buttons and eyelet trim. I sewed an embroidered red heart patch to her bodice. Underneath, she sports muslin pantaloons which are trimmed with vintage black baby rick-rack. Her shoes features bows ... and her hat is adorned with vintage black, red, and white ribbons. Mollie's dog is made from painted and aged osnaburg. I tied vintage red ribbon around McCreery's neck.

Hot Fudge & Strawberry Sundae

Meet the Hot fudge and Strawberry Sundae! The snow-people measure approximately 7" tall. Made from glittered cotton batting, the Sundaes feature black bead eyes and sculpted clay carrot noses. Hot Fudge sports a brown knit cap topped with a cherry red pom-pom! I sewed a vintage red bell to his belly ... and tied a red fleece scarf around his neck. Strawberry's red fleece stocking cap is embellished with a green wool felt ball. She wears a matching red fleece scarf. The Sundaes hold vintage metal ice cream spoons in their bark wire arms. They sit in paper ice cream cups {they aren't attached and may be displayed as you please}!

Honey Boo

Meet Witch Honey Boo! She measures 27" from the tip of her scrunchy black witch hat to the soles of her painted~on black boots. Honey Boo features lidded eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. Her orange and black frock features a festive Halloween motif! It is embellished with three vintage covered black buttons and rick rack. Underneath, Honey Boo sports black pantaloons. Her hat has been aged for timeworn appeal. It is trimmed with vintage ribbon, black netting, and rhinestones! Honey Boo's necklace is fashioned using a *magic* crystal and a vintage chain! 


You're just in time for a spot of tea with Camomile! She measures 21" from the top of her straw hat to the soles of her painted~on slippers. Camomile's blue toile frock is embellished with a vintage button and scalloped cotton trim. I pinned a little sterling silver teaspoon to her bodice. Underneath her dress, Camomile sports lace-trimmed pantaloons. Camomile features lidded eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. Her straw hat is trimmed with vintage ribbon and an old covered button. I attached a little vintage teacup to her hand!