St. Nick

St. Nick measures 8" tall. Made from aged osnaburg, he features lidded eyes, a needle-stitched nose, and a curly wool beard. St. Nick's painted-on suit is trimmed with vintage tinsel ... and I sewed three vintage black buttons to his round belly. He holds a glittered wire garland which reads:
Dec. 25


Lloyd measures 9 1/2" to the top of his painted and aged stovepipe hat. Made from an old feedsack, he features stitched eyes, a sculpted paper mache carrot nose, and a rusty jingle bell smile. I stitched 3 vintage green buttons to his belly. Lloyd's scarf was fashioned from an old green wool Army blanket.


Flurry is made from aged osnaburg. He measures 12" ... and features black bead eyes, a clay carrot nose, and a stitched smile. Flurry sports a burgundy wool stocking cap which is embellished with a rusty jingle bell. His scarf is fashioned from an old cutter quilt scrap ... and I sewed 3 vintage buttons to his belly. Flurry holds a bottlebrush tree in his bark wired hand.


Made from aged muslin, Calvin measures 30" BIG! He features black bead eyes, a sculpted paper mache carrot nose, and a stitched mouth.  
Calvin's trousers were fashioned from a vintage green wool Army blanket. He sports a green homespun scarf which is embellished with a big rusty jingle bell. Calvin's painted on shoes are trimmed with cotton ribbing. I tucked a corncob pipe in his jute twine belt.


Sundae measures 7" tall. Made from glittered cotton batting, he features black bead eyes and a sculpted paper mache carrot nose. I sewed a vintage red bell to his belly ... and tied a red fleece scarf around his neck. Sundae sports a hot fudge-colored knit cap topped with a cherry red pom-pom! He holds a vintage metal ice cream spoon in his bark wire arms. Sundae is mounted in paper ice cream cup!


Frosty is made from glittered cotton batting. He stands approximately 7 1/2" tall. Frosty features bead eyes, a stitched mouth, and a sculpted paper mache nose. He sports a red scarf. Frosty is tucked in a vintage cardboard food storage box!


Twinkle is made from glittered cotton batting. He features black bead eyes and a sculpted clay carrot nose. He measures approximately 8" tall. Twinkle sports a polka-dotted party had and an orange wool felt scarf. I sewed a couple of vintage buttons to his belly. Twinkle sits in a metal pot {he's not permanently attached if you'd like to display him in a different container, but please note: he will not stand up by himself due to his roly-poly bottom}.

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Made from aged osnaburg, this snowman sits in an old, chippy green enamel cup. He stands 9" to the top of his aged stovepipe hat! He features a sculpted paper mache *carrot* nose, black bead eyes, and a stitched smile. I sewed a rusty jingle bell to his belly. The snowman sports a green fleece scarf. He holds a vintage ice cream spoon in his wired bark hand.

Another Canned Snowman

We've tucked another grubby snowman inside a vintage pint-sized canning jar complete with an old zinc lid! Our frosty friend is made from aged and glittered cotton batting. He features black seed beads eyes, rusty wire *twig* arms, and a clay *carrot* nose! The snowman sports a green wool felt scarf. He holds a little rusty heart ... and is right at home standing in loose glass glitter *snow*! The aged paper tag wired around the lip of the jar reads:
In the meadow we can build a snowman...