Candy Striper

can′dy strip`er n.
a volunteer worker at a hospital, esp. a teenager.
[1960–65; so called from the red and white striped uniform often worn]
Candy is dressed in a red and white striped frock. Her dress is embellished with red soutache trim and a couple of vintage red buttons. Underneath, she sports muslin pantaloons. Candy's painted-on black Mary Jane's feature little buttons ... and her painted-on socks are trimmed with vintage lace.
Candy features button eyes and stitched facial features. Her burgundy wool yarn hair is tied with vintage red ribbon. Candy's nurse cap is made from muslin. It is embellished with a vintage American Junior Red Cross pin! The antique metal badge attached to her bodice reads:
Doctor's Award for Bravery
Professional Medal of Honor
Candy holds an old pair of school safety scissors ... and she will arrive at your home-sweet-home with a vintage bandage box!