Party Animal

 This black cat's a party animal! She measures 24" to the tip of her orange and black polka dotted party hat! Her orange frock is embellished with festive black trim. Underneath, she sports black pantaloons which are trimmed with orange rick-rack. Her green paper banner garland reads:
Made from painted and aged osnaburg, the kitty features lidded eyes, a needle felted nose, and whiskers! Her orange and black polka dotted party hat is trimmed with black tinsel.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is baking { what else?! } pies!
Made from aged osnaburg, she measures 22". Cutie Pie's homespun dress is embellished with a couple of vintage blue buttons. I sewed a tiny vintage cat-shaped toy cookie cutter to her bodice. Cutie Pie's apron is fashioned from an old embroidered doily. Underneath her dress, she sports lace trimmed muslin pantaloons.
Cutie Pie features button eyes and stitched facial features.
Her curly red wool yarn hair is tied up with vintage blue seam binding ribbon. She will arrive at your home-sweet-home with a vintage toy aluminum measuring cup { which is tied to her hand with jute twine } and an antique wooden toy rolling pin.
{ Please note: The vintage toy oven is a prop ... and it is not included! }

In the Good Old Summertime

 In the good old summertime ... picnics are always in order!
Made from aged osnaburg, Summer measures 22" tall.
She wears a navy, red, and cream homespun dress which is embellished with navy blue rick-rack and a couple of vintage buttons. I pinned an antique political button to her bodice. It reads:
Hello Buddie.
Underneath her dress, Summer is sporting lace-trimmed muslin pantaloons. Her painted on black flats are trimmed with navy bows.
Summer features a sculpted nose, stitched lids and painted lips. Her straw boater is trimmed with vintage red and blue ribbon ... and a little wooden firecracker! Summer comes with her very own picnic basket which is loaded with a couple of slices of watermelon, a bouquet of summer posies, an aged American flag, and a picnic blanket (i.e., a vintage handkerchief)!!
{The contents of the picnic basket are not attached and may be displayed as you please.}



Witch Rowena has been invited to a Halloween party!
She measures 25" to the tip of her polka-dotted party hat.
Her black frock features orange polka dots. It is embellished with a black ruffle and vintage orange buttons. The tag attached to her bodice reads:
Oct. 31
The tag is trimmed with black chenille, wool felt and vintage black ribbon.
Underneath her dress, she sports lace-trimmed muslin pantaloons.
Rowena's painted 0n black boots feature glass bead buttons.
Her orange and black polka dotted paper party hat is trimmed with black tinsel and glass glittered letters which spell BOO.
 Rowena features a sculpted nose, lidded and painted eyes, and a painted mouth.