Cup of Snow

This snowman head measures 7½" to the top of his polka dot party hat! Made from glittered paper maché, he features black button eyes and a sculpted clay carrot nose. His paper hat is glittered and trimmed with silver tinsel. The snowman sits in a vintage paper cup ... but he's not attached and may be displayed in the container of your choice!


Ginger loves to bake ... and today, she's baking gingerbread cookies! Ginger measures 21" tall. Her burgundy homespun dress is embellished with a couple of tiny gingerbread man cookie cutter buttons. I tucked a little gingerbread man and a vintage measuring spoon in her pocket. A cookie cutter is attached to her wrist. Underneath her dress, she sports muslin pantaloons. Her painted on Mary Jane's feature vintage mother of pearl buttons. Her painted on socks are trimmed with lace! Made from aged osnaburg, Ginger features button eyes, a stitched nose, and a stitched smile. I tied vintage seam binding ribbon in her hair. She will arrive at your home~sweet~home with a vintage toy baking sheet, another gingerbread man cookie, and an old ginger spice tin { the toy stove is not included }. 

Sit for a Spell

Medora measures approximately 21" to the tip of her paper maché witch hat. The witch make-do is mounted on a vintage textile spool wooden bobbin. Made from aged osnaburg, she features lidded green eyes, a sculpted nose, and painted lips. Medora's frock is embellished with vintage black glass buttons and rick-rack. I tucked a tooled leather spell book in her pocket! The antique optical lens attached to Medora's bodice reads:
Sit for a SPELL.
Her hat has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal. It is trimmed with netting, black ribbon, vintage seam binding ribbon, and a lovely antique button! Medora holds an old skeleton key.

More Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa measures approximately 10" tall. The sugared snowman features a sculpted clay carrot nose and black bead eyes. His paper maché top hat has been painted and aged for time-worn appeal.  It is trimmed with tinsel and an aged paper tag that reads:
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa's scarf is fashioned from burgundy wool felt. He holds a little vintage aluminum toy metal cup of hot cocoa { with marshmallows, of course! } in his hand. I tucked a vintage toy spoon in his pocket ... and sewed an old burgundy button to his chest.

Wish Upon a Star...

Wish Upon a Star measures approximately 9½" tall. The sugared snowman features a sculpted clay carrot nose and black bead eyes. His paper maché top hat has been painted and aged for time-worn appeal.  It is trimmed with vintage rust colored velvet ribbon.
Wish Upon a Star's scarf is fashioned from antique gold wool felt. I sewed three green buttons to his belly. He holds a paper garland which reads:
Wish Upon a Star sits on a wooden star-shaped box. The box has been painted and aged for timeworn appeal { the snowman isn't permanently attached to the box and may be displayed as you please }. Should you decide to take him in, I will send Wish Upon a Star to your home~sweet~home with 5 carved wooden stars!

Dashing through the snow...

He's dashing through the snow in his twig sleigh! Santa measures approximately 12½" tall. Made from aged osnaburg, he features a sculpted nose, lidded eyes, and a curly wool beard. His painted suit and hat are trimmed with tinsel. I stitched a pocket to his belly ... and tucked a little sugared gingerbread man in it { it looks like he got hungry on Christmas Eve, and took a bite out of the cookie! }. An antique candy container lantern is hung on his arm { it isn't permanently attached }. I put a bottle brush tree in his sack which is made from a vintage green wool Army blanket. 

Happy Fall Scarecrow

This scarecrow measures approximately 12" tall. Made of aged osnaburg, he features lidded button eyes, a felted wool nose, and a stitched smile. I sewed a couple of vintage buttons to his chest. A painted and aged wooden crow is perched on his straw hat. The scarecrow sports a homespun kerchief! His Happy Fall button is trimmed with wool felt and vintage seam binding ribbon. The scarecrow stump doll is tucked in an apple basket.